How to Send An Anonymous Email

Sending an email without together with your real name is useful when you want preserve your identity, in instances like providing information of a crime, sending a secret admirer note, or expressing your opinion without drawing attention to yourself. Outlined below are three safe options on how to send an anonymous email.Find a free e-mail service. Google’s Gmail may be the most popular, and it’s also known for its high-level security and user-friendliness, but there are other strong options, like Outlook, Google!, and GMX. Some services, like Lycos, allow you to create aliases within your email account. Others, like Gmail, do not. Zoho accounts are ad-free. AOL and allow you pick your own domain reputation for your email address.

Click on the “sign up” option. Most email services will have a “sign up” or “create a new account” option on their mail document. If you’re on the site’s homepage, like or, click on the “Mail” tab.Create a screen-name that has no connection to you. Create one that can’t possibly be linked back to you really. Think about your defining characteristics: your occupation, where you live, your hometown, your hobbies. Avoid using one time email address that could be linked to those includes. Think about numbers that are having you: your birth-date, your address, your zip code or area code. Don’t make use of those number combinations. In case you are having trouble creating a screen-name, check out consumer name generator Enter random words and numbers instead of ones associated with you.

Use an alias instead of your real name. Avoid your real name when you’re completing the sign-up form. Think of a fake name to use. Don’t use your middle name or your mother’s maiden name or any name can easily easily be linked back to you. Look around at objects in the room for ideas. Mix and match first and last names of book or movie characters. Use a random name generator like or

Complete the sign-up process. Sign any terms and policies agreements. Remember to be able to provide any details like your address or phone number.Type and send your email. Double-check produce sure you’re excluding any clues as to your true identity, like accidentally signing your real legal name. Write a concise subject line; this will limit the risk of the recipient sending it to the trash without reading the site. Make sure you are sending it to the correct email address

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