Gold Step Explainer Video Services Broadcast System Solutions For The Campus Network

Explainer Video services needs Our school can be a school with classes, and so want to build a campus broadcast system, the existing school facilities as follows Campus Network Have been completed, each classroom is multimedia classrooms, a classroom projector, electric screen, TV, inkind exhibition, in control, Computer And so at.

schools in the original closedcircuit television system, and the classroom is also a tv. Each teacher has one office in the office Computer The school would like to establish a campus broadcast system to meet the requirements of education and teaching activities. Specific requirements are as follows , principal office address of each classroom and realtime tuning.

, three large multimedia classrooms in the demonstration class, teacher seminars, organizing activities, they can live to the scene, realtime broadcast to each classroom and office, and could be synchronized video. , external cable television programs can be broadcast to each classroom as needed. , some of the existing school education and teaching CDs could be played to each classroom.

, needs analysis and program design According to existing school facilities, provide you with more live on campus closedcircuit television system designed to broadcast live and webcast are two ways to mix a set of organic live system to take advantage of existing school facilities, and to ensure live results. very. Broadcast channel design According to yourwants of our schools, the 5 broadcast channels for schools A.

multimedia broadcast channel Speech broadcast survive on school leadership, school events, as well as excellent general model class may be the functional requirements of assorted schools, schools with a large hall, meeting rooms or function rooms as the central venue or broadcast center, by closedcircuit television system or campus activities on site or teacher will be broadcast live lectures to various classes, we have manufactured for schools three live channels, respectively, a number of major broadcast multimedia classroom.

Needs of each classroom is equipped with live cameras, amplifiers, microphones and other audio and video capture devices. R. external cable broadcast Run by each school in the realization of the broadcast and live, is actually often also need an external cable broadcast programs to watch at any time breaking news, sports events, the central and provincial and municipal important events live, as well as central and television educational programs throughout the same time, amount of payday loans of broadcast channels according to specific needs identified by the school, where we design a school outside cable television programs broadcast channels, broadcast content and timing of determination by the central control room.

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